Making Infrastructure Happen

Strategic Consultancy and Financial Advisory Services to five railway infrastructure projects on BOT / SPV mode worth more than Rs. 2,000 crore for RVNL


  • In depth review & assessment of the markets along with the past & existing traffic patterns across sectors relevant to the specific rail line with a focus on port - hinterland connectivity issues and import – export dimensions of the specific industry
  • A realistic assessment of the project cost by scientifically accounting for the inflation & variance parameters and review of the earlier project cost.
  • In depth review of the financial viability, project structure and capital structuring.
  • Alternative financial modeling scenarios and to suggest the most optimum model.
  • Risk identification and apportionment.
  • Project Structuring.
  • Identification and finalisation of private partners and their terms of association.
  • Creation of Special Purpose Vehicles for BOT, preparation of documentation from Memorandum of Understanding, Concession Agreement, Shareholders Agreement, Traffic Guarantee Agreement, Construction Agreement and O&M Agreement, Land Lease Agreement and customisation of the standard agreements and preparation of new agreements to be signed between different parties in the process.

Managing the PPP process through expertise in understanding the expectations and constrains of both the Govt and private sector.

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