Feedback Foundation Trust

Feedback Foundation (FF) is the community engagement entity of the Feedback Infra Group. The Foundation assesses, administers and advocates community engagement in development projects, working closely with Government, Corporates, Multilateral Agencies and International NGOs.

"Community engagement" is the bedrock of Feedback Foundation’s operations. The Foundation focuses on harnessing the power of empowered and engaged communities in development projects to bring about a sustainable change – physically, economically, socially and culturally, leading up to a win-win solution for all stakeholders.

  • Capacity building:
    • FF provides customized training and support for capacity enhancement for policy makers, implementing agencies, grassroots functionaries, managers, etc.
  • Implementation and handholding support:
    • FF creates linkages between various stakeholders' as the key step to effective and smooth project implementation
    • FF engages communities during implementation to mitigate resistance and create symbiotic stakeholder relationships and strengthens local institutions for post project follow-up and monitoring
  • Assessments and evaluations:
    • FF assesses, analyzes and recommend changes pre and post project interventions;
    • Conducts institutional assessments to recommend changes for improvement,
    • Monitors the gaps and changes during project intervention and
    • Provides support in the preparation of policy documents such as sanitation policies for governments.
  • Strategy formulation and planning:
    • FF provides consultancy to institutions and projects for finding appropriate strategies and solutions, and developing plans for implementation
  • Socio-economic research
    • FF undertakes socio-economic researches across various sectors like water and sanitation, education, social welfare schemes, transportation, relief and rehabilitation, inclusion etc

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