At Feedback Infra, we assist public and private sector organisations as well as bilateral and multilateral agencies in planning and implementing large infrastructure projects across Energy, Transportation, Real estate and Social Infrastructure sectors.

We have successfully completed over 800 projects extending across highways, expressways, roads, bridges, water supply, sewerage, sanitation, waste water management, infrastructure development, hospitals, aviation, ports, tankage terminals, industrial estates, business districts, integrated townships, telecommunication, power generation and distribution as well as industrial projects.

What has increased our impact on our engagements is our 'Partnering' approach that addresses client needs by working closely with them. Whether our client is a State government department, public sector institution, international development agency, a top corporate group or a start up company, our service is tailored to meet the specific requirements that can meet the objectives of our client in a timely manner.

We believe that we have a leadership position in delivering infrastructure projects due to our superior appreciation and understanding of the Indian marketplace and our singular focus on the infrastructure sector which is complemented by our experience, expertise and global perspective.

Our Focus, your advantage

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